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The Power Of You!

I watched an Instagram video awhile back of P.diddy, also known as Sean Combs the Sean John billionair, giving a speech at Howard University's Commencement. Diddy, trying to inspire whatever next generation of leaders into action inspired a thought. Diddy said quite clearly, "there is no rescue team, there is no one coming, there is only you... you have to make a decision that when you fail and fall to your knees you will get back up and remember the power of you. You ARE your own light in the darkness".

Watch the video for yourself here!
The thought? Well, it feels like the moment you realize you've been waiting your entire life to accept something so obvious and so right in front of your face. I don't know about you but it feels like I've spent the last two years waiting for someone to save me from the bullshit I've had to endure, and some doctor to cure me. The ugly truth is, no one is coming and the cure, if ever, is a long way off. Since I was proba…

#WellnessWednesday: 10 Things to Let Go to Live Your BEST Life!

Author: Britt Renee'
So we've noticed a lot of people talking about Self-care on social media and in magazines and stuff.  All the fancy words and expensive products. We all know the key to living our best lives is taking the best possible care of ourselves. Thing is, it is not just a one-size fits all when you're chronically ill. What most healthy people and mainstream media types do not understand is when you're living with chronic illness, self care simply looks differently.  We kind of live the life where we have to balance so many important things--like taking our medicines on time, doctor's appointments, knowing our dietary triggers and or allergies, work, school, or parenting--that taking care of ourselves sometimes gets pushed to last on the list, especially when it cost money. You  want to know how to make the rest of your life great for absolutely F..R..E..E? Easy, you have to let go of the people, the attitudes, and the things that you can control that do not m…

The Spoonie Essentials Box Mission

Here at Spoonie Essentials our mission is simple,we are a new type of Chronic Illness Fighter Lifestyle Brand. The #SEBfamily tribe knows we are sick, but we chose the life we live. Our health, our happiness, our care is our choice. We take Self-Care seriously because it is a top priority. We never give up because when life gets tough, we get tougher.  We always spread love as thick as peanut butter, especially to ourselves. We value our bodies with natural, clean, and organic foods and products that fit our budgets as full time patients. If you ask "healthy people" or mainstream media they'll tell you self-care is one-size fits all, but that's just not true.  Our themed packages seek to  provide every member of our #SEBfamily with hand selected Chronic Illness Self-Care gadgets and gizmos to make showing a little love to yourself each day a little easier. There are hand selected products, goods, and services to support bad days, compliment good days, enhance infusi…

True or False: Your Life Depends On Your Level of Self-Care?

by: S.E.B Staff

So, True or False? Your life depends on your level of Self-Care?

Seeing how most people in this day and age hardly ever pay any real attention to those two words when they're together like that, not entirely sure if anyone else actually sees it this way. As if, "Self" and "Care" were the couple everyone loved to talk about, but no one loved to  actually hang out with. ha ha sad, but kinda so true right?

If you're expecting a scientific numerical break down of Self-Care the probability of you dying from lack of Self-Care, unfortunately we are not here for that today. Sorry.

Still want to know why your life depends on your level of Self-Care? Good!

A quick google search and you'll see it technically could be a possible scenario actually. It seems the common underlying thread that binds all Social Media, Mega Magazines, and Self-Help enthusiasts everywhere is that Self-Care at its essence is the ability to ask ourselves as humans what it is…

How to Plan A "Movie Night-In".

Author: SEB Staff

Hey #SEBfamily! Over here at Spoonie Essentials Box, we have been talking about ways to practice "Self-Care Staying-In" and we thought what a cool D.I.Y #DateNightIn Activity it would be to change it up a bit and plan a "Movie Night-in" with friends or family? That would be so fun, right?

We know, you're like "wait what plan? energy use? people over? what?". But don't freak out, we've got you covered. We know how much energy it can take to do things you have to do, let a lone extras. So for this one we suggest either getting a "planning partner", start planning early enough to do a little at a time each day", or none of the above and just shoot out a text saying "Movie Night-In my house. Date, Time, What to bring if it applies" and you're done. '

Now if you're not with the winging it plan, we want to make sure you've got all your bases covered, so we put together a quick reference gui…

#SEBDareForRare: Wear Your Jeans to Support Our Genes!

Please Join Spoonie Essentials Box, and Rare Disease Warriors World Wide, on February 28, 2018 to raise awareness on World Rare Disease Day!

All you have to do is, wear a pair of your favorite jeans to support our genes! Then share it on social media with hashtag #SEBDareForRare to show your support for men and women around the globe fighting rare illnesses. 

Xo Team S.E.B


World Rare Disease Day is an annual observance, hosted by Global Genes, held the last day of February to raise awareness about rare disease, and the daily impact living with a rare disease has on patients and families. Observance begins February 1st, and extends throughout the month, during which rare disease advocates worldwide host awareness and fundraising events. Please join patients, advocates, caregivers, researchers, physicians, policy experts, industry experts, and the Global Genes team in raising rare disease awareness. 

Global Genes®  is one of the leading rare disease patient advocacy organizations i…

Greetings From Spain! Xo Britt

What's up #SEBfamily?

I know we haven't talked in awhile, so I wanted to just stop in to check-up and check-in with all of you! Did I mention I'm currently living on the Island of Lanzarote in Spain? Well if you didn't know, now you do! :@). I can say there's like a gazillion reasons why I made the decision, but the only one that really matters and would be the truth is, it is what was best for me! I won't live in Spain forever, in fact it is my goal to travel to as many countries as I can this year and in my lifetime. Live as a global citizen, on a budget, of course. My ticket to Europe was $140 USD, pretty ridiculous right?

If you know any of the Spoonie Essentials Box back story, then you know my nick name is "Inspector Gadget" because of my mastery of googling things. Lol. Really I just have insomnia so I have more time than most people to look things up, but really you can find some incredible deals online that are not available in-person. I con…

#SEBfamilyStory: Andrea Flores

Hi, My name is Andrea, one year ago today I was diagnosed with gastrointestinal cancer. It has been a long year of ups and downs.  Too many new doctors and more procedures than I would want to recall. If I had to list what was the hardest to deal with this past year, it would be self-advocacy. Several times throughout the year, I was made to feel that I had no right to question my doctor’s treatment plan. I had no right in the decisions, the decisions that my body was going to have to go through. I learned to question my doctors. Not because of my mistrust. I questioned them because the course of treatment with the best outcome; was not in my best interest. My treatment plan was based on my insurance coverage. Today we live in a world where doctors get paid more for the pharmaceuticals they sell. Certain procedures performed bring in a higher reimbursement for the doctor.  This is a big factor in chemotherapy. On more than one occasion I was advised to get surgeries that had no posi…