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The Power Of You!

I watched an Instagram video awhile back of P.diddy, also known as Sean Combs the Sean John billionair, giving a speech at Howard University's Commencement. Diddy, trying to inspire whatever next generation of leaders into action inspired a thought. Diddy said quite clearly, "there is no rescue team, there is no one coming, there is only you... you have to make a decision that when you fail and fall to your knees you will get back up and remember the power of you. You ARE your own light in the darkness".

Watch the video for yourself here!
The thought? Well, it feels like the moment you realize you've been waiting your entire life to accept something so obvious and so right in front of your face. I don't know about you but it feels like I've spent the last two years waiting for someone to save me from the bullshit I've had to endure, and some doctor to cure me. The ugly truth is, no one is coming and the cure, if ever, is a long way off. Since I was proba…

Greetings From Spain! Xo Britt

What's up #SEBfamily?

I know we haven't talked in awhile, so I wanted to just stop in to check-up and check-in with all of you! Did I mention I'm currently living on the Island of Lanzarote in Spain? Well if you didn't know, now you do! :@). I can say there's like a gazillion reasons why I made the decision, but the only one that really matters and would be the truth is, it is what was best for me! I won't live in Spain forever, in fact it is my goal to travel to as many countries as I can this year and in my lifetime. Live as a global citizen, on a budget, of course. My ticket to Europe was $140 USD, pretty ridiculous right?

If you know any of the Spoonie Essentials Box back story, then you know my nick name is "Inspector Gadget" because of my mastery of googling things. Lol. Really I just have insomnia so I have more time than most people to look things up, but really you can find some incredible deals online that are not available in-person. I con…

#SEBfamilyStory: Andrea Flores

Hi, My name is Andrea, one year ago today I was diagnosed with gastrointestinal cancer. It has been a long year of ups and downs.  Too many new doctors and more procedures than I would want to recall. If I had to list what was the hardest to deal with this past year, it would be self-advocacy. Several times throughout the year, I was made to feel that I had no right to question my doctor’s treatment plan. I had no right in the decisions, the decisions that my body was going to have to go through. I learned to question my doctors. Not because of my mistrust. I questioned them because the course of treatment with the best outcome; was not in my best interest. My treatment plan was based on my insurance coverage. Today we live in a world where doctors get paid more for the pharmaceuticals they sell. Certain procedures performed bring in a higher reimbursement for the doctor.  This is a big factor in chemotherapy. On more than one occasion I was advised to get surgeries that had no posi…

Happy Valentine's Day!

In order to love others, we must first love ourselves. Happy Valentine's Day #SEBfamily, may you spread love to everyone in your life that you love today, especially yourself! 

What's So Horrible About Staying Home?

Like seriously? What's so wrong with staying in? Where have we come as humans where people who stay in and do not participate in social activities for health reasons are shamed? Like wow right.

I mean I won't lie, for awhile I bought into it too. I used to think “Staying in Fu**ing Sucks” whenever I'd log on Facebook and see all these updates from my friends who were still busy living their lives while I was "stuck" inside. What I’ve learned on the journey back to truly being me though, is that you have to to learn to adjust and adapt. That’s it. Through the process of loving myself and truly finding my happiest version of myself, I just learned to adjust and adapt my perspective.

Let me explain.

I used to be so hung up on where I “went” or “wasn’t able” to go that I missed the point.

Spending time with people who matter to you or even spending time with yourself is the point. If you don’t fully understand what loving yourself completely means you won’t see it. It do…

Four Phrases to Say Less to Love Yourself More!

In college I was a member of like 5 different Track & Field teams. What can I say, I transferred schools a couple times lol. I was a thrower. I threw discus, hammer, and weight throw seriously but played around with the other "field" events.  Competing in Track & Field is probably one of the greatest memories I have of my "pre-sick" times. I can't remember  every track meet, but I can remember some like they were yesterday. I used to be very annoyed by how vivid my memories were, since throwing really isn't a thing for me anymore. But now I appreciate the fact I can remember at all. Track taught me so many things besides how to throw. During my senior year and final season as a collegiate athlete, my Coach and I were in Irvine, California for Conference Championships and I had just thrown a really far throw.... into No-Mans-land.  As I finished my final throw, it rocketed into the air, took a definite right turn, and flew right over the stands pack…

SEBNews: January Box Break Down | #SEBYOU18

Los Angeles, CA | 02.05.2018
SEB Staff 

When was the last time you celebrated you?

Spoonie Essentials Box members already know what tools we put in our 2018 welcome box to guide  along the journey to the happiest, healthiest, best life possible. But for those of you who aren't yet members our process of Self-Care Discovery begins with Celebrating YOU! This year we made the #SEBYou18 box the first box of the year to jump start your self-care with a bang! Really taking care of you means knowing its ok being true to yourself and honoring your needs and wants in life. It takes courage, and time! This month we've created a starter kit to get Spoonie Essentials Family Members in the swing of celebrating "TEAM YOU" and what we hope will be a life long practice of taking care of yourself in fun & different ways!

 #SEBYou18 Features the very first official Spoonie Essentials Awareness Apparel T-shirt. These soft cotton blend shirts  in iconic black & white were include…

What Does #iAmVisible Even Mean?

The Signature hashtag for Spoonie Essentials Box was initially inspired by my desire to explain quickly what it felt like living with Chronic Illness. I always felt I had to add, "my illness is invisible, I'm not" in every conversation with doctors, counselors, friends or family.

I knew it was challenging for people to understand that I was battling with things they could not see on the outside. The more pressing matter on my heart, was making sure that they understood that I was aware of the things I needed to do to "manage" my illness, but they were missing that I was a person too. I had feelings, I had a personality, I had a life outside of my illness. I was a person living with illness. Person, being the part everyone seemed to be missing.

When I talked to members of the #SEBfamily I found that many of them experienced this too. So I felt like, we collectively and without words, all agreed that it was the best way to communicate that. But soon I started to…